UC Davis FNP/PA Alumni Association


Hope this website continues to bring alumni and students together from all across CA! - Mercedes, class 2008

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shelly stewart
2/20/2008 09:44:37 pm

Dear Fellow Alumni, as a 1979 graduate of this Program I want to congratulate the Class of 2008 for working to organize the Alumni Association. It is my hope that as Alumni we can continue to support our Program and especially the Students. We will be meeting in San Antonio at the AAPA and hope to have a meeting in California in 2008 as well. Again, hats off to the Class of 2008 from a member of the Class of 1979!

7/28/2012 05:06:12 pm

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Chris Madsen
2/21/2008 02:04:30 am

Mercedes, thanks to you and all of the people who have helped you get this off the ground. This will be a great way to keep in touch, and will hopefully become a nice way to hear about the milestones in the lives of the alumni. Births, adoptions, marriages, unions, and even professional accomplishments can be posted here so that we can stay connected. Well done!

Emmanuel Okwor
3/8/2008 05:30:19 am

Hello fellow Alumni, and students. I'm a 2006 Fresno class, I want to congratulate the 2008 class for this excellent noble idea.I can't wait for us to meet in California just incase San Antonio doesn't come through for me. I applaud this creation. Let's pass the word around to others.I'm excited. Once again, congratulations.

3/11/2008 04:20:22 am

Great job with the site and thanks for the link to our webpage.
Wish you all continued success and a much-welcomed graduation this June.
The shirts look great but where are the FNP versions?

4/21/2008 12:24:23 pm

There is a "Physician Assistant" and "FNP/PA" option for shirts. The form can be dowloaded under "UC Davis FNP/PA Merchandise" section.

Bill DeFazio (2007)
6/6/2008 01:41:11 pm

Great job with the site, guys. Thanks for the opportunity to connect with old friends (classmates and faculty included). I look forward to watching the student society grow. I'll pass the word around.

Cathy Schwanz (2005)
6/24/2008 10:26:43 pm

This is great.Thank you for all your effort. This site has so many possibilities. I work as an "Hospitalist" and am available for converstations regarding such. I'm wondering if administration could send one of their "mass emailing" to all to let them know about this site????

Mike Dennis (2008)
8/23/2008 01:20:58 pm

Mercedes, a million thanks for all your work on uniting alumni!
I hope we can all meet at CAPA this year...last year was a great time to both meet fellow alumni and catch up with old friends.
I'm working in Pediatrics in Sac (if anyone is looking for employment let me know) and proud to announce the arrival of my son :)
See you all at CAPA.

Shirley (Redman) Heathman 1988
9/28/2008 01:07:37 am

Finding this website is a delight. I am in my 20th year in this great profession. In addition to staying informed and up to date in the art of health care, I am also trying to stay in touch with other parts of technology that enhance my life.

I have worked as both an NP and PA. I work in rural health clinics with low income folks. I also serve on our local health care district.

I do hope we can build an enduring resource for our classes.
Best wishes, and hope to see the site expand,
Shirley Heathman 1988 FNP-C, PA(inactive)formerly Certified.

Maqsud Dean, MS, PA-C
10/26/2008 03:53:40 pm

Greetings friends/colleagues! I am a 2001 graduate (and former faculty member). I'm delighted to see an Alumni Association website. Nice work!

Melissa Amaro
3/28/2009 10:30:30 pm

Hello! What a great site! I will be sure and tell everyone about it!
I am a 2004 graduate~ I was at a CME in Thailand last May- and at one of the evening events (a dinner cruise) I sat next to Lyn Stinnett (she graduated I believe in late 80's/early 90's?)-- Boy did she have wonderful stories about Staff and especially how grateful she was for Shelly Stewart! Then a few months later- I was at a dinner party in South Africa and met Paul McOmber- who graduated in mid-late 90's!
All I can say is the world is SMALL! And it is such a wonderful feeling to have graduated from such a Program -That has graduates providing health care around the world! Take care!

Lyn Stinnett (1986)
4/23/2009 11:20:38 am

Hello! I am thrilled to again be connected to my educational highlight...UCD. My last eighteen years of work have been overseas, living in nineteen (third world) countries. What a career this has been...thanks to the best school in the world.
Lyn Stinnett FNP/PA-C
And thank you, Melissa for getting me "in touch" again.

Alice Haines
3/25/2010 05:44:24 am

Memories! I graduated as an FNP from UCD in 1995. What a wonderful career! I'm so glad I took time out of my life (literally!) to complete the degree. Anyone else out there from my class? Thanks to all for getting this site up and running.

4/20/2010 07:59:12 am

As Admissions officer for the program for 12 years now, I am "pleading" for some wonderful alumni to serve as mentors to potential students. Basically, they just want someone to talk to about the program and what it's like to be a PA or NP. The program has changed significantly since many of you attended, but you could certainly help them understand the role and foster the profession. If interested, please send me your email.

Tracy D.
1/7/2011 06:16:35 am

I have just discovered this program online and would like to speak to current or past students of the program to get a student's perspective.

You may forward my email address to such students. Thanks.

3/7/2011 04:43:29 pm

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2/16/2012 01:35:50 am

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2/16/2012 01:36:12 am

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4/23/2012 03:06:21 am

Hello Alumni!
I am looking to speak with a recent Alumni from the PA/NP program. I am an RN looking to apply to the program and would like some information. Is it feasible to work while in this program?
You are welcome to email me!

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